Haim Kedem, founder of Big Apple Hollywood

Our Story

This is a story of a grand vision, a winning recipe and lots of love.

Our story started in 1986, when Haim Kedem, returning home to Jerusalem after living for several years in New York City, opened the first BIG APPLE PIZZA parlor in the pedestrian mall Dorot Rishonim in downtown Jerusalem. He had a dream – to bring the New York spirit to the Holy land and to fill Jerusalem's streets with mind-blowing smells and smiling people. He started to bake his pizzas, and after some time the ambience, the location and, above all, the recipe of a crusty and crunchy pizza started to draw to the parlor a growing number of fans and customers. Very quickly BIG APPLE PIZZA turned into a known Jerusalem landmark.

Local citizens and tourists, young and old, would come to eat a slice and to hear from Haim stories and bits of advice and to watch him amuse the people passing by. Many of the customers enjoyed leaving their mark on the large Visitors' Book – the walls of the upstairs room – something to show the children…

After some ten years Haim decided to open a branch – in Eilat.  The EILAT BIG APPLE PIZZA followed in the footsteps of its Jerusalem older brother and soon became a popular landmark in the Red Sea resort town. This was the beginning of the BIG APPLE PIZZA chain of Pizza Parlors.

Haim passed away in the year 2000, and his two sons took over. They are upholding his tradition and heritage – lovingly baking thin and crunchy pizza pies, appreciated by their ever-growing circle of customers. Under their leadership the BIG APPLE PIZZA chain has grown, and it has today 9 pizza parlors all over Israel, and our newest USA location in Hollywood, Florida!

Come on and enjoy the fun – grab a slice and a soda and join the party!

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